Caesars Casino How to Get Free Coins on Caesars Casino

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Caesars Casino Free Coins

So you spin a lot and now your out of coins? Here's some tips on how to get more free coins than your regular daily bonus:


Caesars Casino Free Coins Bonus Page

Caesars Casino Free Bonus

GameHunters.Club has a Caesars Casino Free Coins Bonus page where you can collect free bonus every day. It's not your regular Caesars Casino fan page where you collect gifts but it's a page where all active players like you share their bonus. Using the ShareLinks Plugin they were able to share their links by simply browsing Facebook, it's a install and forget plugin that will let you post links easily.

My username here is mia21 and I constantly share free coins every day, my bonus links has an average of 7,500 coins. So if your TR Social Status is "Silver" you will get 15,000 coins per click. Mostly I post 20 bonus links per day, multiply that by 15,000 if you have the silver status you will get around 300,000 free coins daily! Not all my links are 7,500 sometimes it's base 20,000 up to 50,000 coins.

Now you don't have to worry being bankrupt on Caesars Casino :) you have a constant source of free coins and spins daily from GameHunters.Club so keep playing!

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Increase your Bonus Multiplier

Caesars Casino Black DiamondCaesars Casino is part of the Total Rewards Program you can take advantage of it to increase your bonus multiplier. The only way to increase your TR Social Status is to level up or buy coins from the game. Go for it if you have some cash, but if you can't afford to spend a dime for this game you can try to level up and play their other games such as slotomania, house of fun slots, bingo blitz, Vegas Downtown Slots and WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker.

All you have to do is reach the maximum level you can get from those games and you will start increasing your status bonus. It takes a lot of time to reach gold status and beyond, sadly the easiest way is to buy coins from them.

Here's the table comparison of the TR Social Status in-game Benefits:

Benefits:BronzeSilverGoldPlatinumDiamondRoyal Diamond
Coin PackagesN/A+25%+50%+100%+150%+200%
Status Pointsx1x2x3x4x5x6
Coin Gifts5002,5005,00015,00025,00040,000
Free Double XP5 Min.7 Min.9 Min.10 Min.12 Min.15 Min.
Free Spins Bet510102550100
Fan Page Giftsx1x2x5x10x20x40
Share Post Giftsx1x2x3x4x6x8
Free Hand Bet2505001,2502,5003,7505,000
Free Roulette Bet2505001,2502,5003,7505,000
Premium AccessNoNoNoNoYesYes

Caesars Casino Gold Status

It's still possible to reach the Gold Status without spending any real money for this game. Although the platinum status and above might take you years to reach it. The highest status is "Black Diamond" and it's benefits is not revealed in public.

This game is not really about the TR status, you can enjoy this game for free and keep winning. 

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Guide on Collecting Free Gifts

You can send free coins or game spins to your friends everyday day. Gifts can be shared between you and your friends who play in Caesars Casino through the application. Gifts can either be free coins or free spins for slot games, free hands for Black Jack and Poker and free spins for Classic slots. 

Tip: You can only send one gift per user per day that has an expiration limit of 72 hours.

When collecting coin gifts, the amount of coins that you will receive will depend on your tier. Bronze players will collect 500 coins for every gift, Silver 2,500 coins, Gold 5,000 coins, Platinum 10,000 coins, Diamond 15,000 coins, and Royal Diamond 30,000 coins.

When collecting coin gifts you can either "Collect and gift back "or "Collect only".

You can also share your luck with your friends! When you play and get lucky, the game will allow you to share it with all your friends.

Tip: you can use the Caesars Casino Add Me page to get more friends. You can find many active players or you can join the list so they can add you.

After your lucky win a pop-up will appear, asking whether it is okay to publish a message that shares your win on your Facebook. Examples of wins you can share are 5 of kind, big win's, and mega win's.

Some gifts will be published your Facebook wall, while others will be sent directly to the friends of your choice. The gifts on your wall can be collected by friends that go to your wall and click on the message.

Tip: Gifts that are shared on your wall have a set gift for a limited number on clickers.

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More Caesars Casino Coin Tips

  • Save coins by not using the auto spin! Just do the manual spin you can actually control when to stop but it's still not predictable.
  • Avoid bankruptcy by adjusting your bets! If you are already low in coins simply adjust your bet into small amounts. By doing this you have a chance to win more.
  • Don't underestimate the power of free spins, if you see one in the bonus page collect it. You might win more than the regular free coins you collect.
  • If you spin 30 times and you are not winning just stop spinning and try it again within an hour or in other slots.
  • It's ok to go wild and reach the bottom "ZERO BALANCE" and start all over again. Try again by collecting bonus gifts in the Caesars Casino Free Coins & Spins page then start with small bets. Remember, the looser and winner both fails, it just the winner gets back up and does it again.
  • Don't be too serious and just enjoy! It's a game where you can go wild and not think about any real life consequences. Trust me, it's better than loosing in this game than loosing money in real life Caesars Casino.

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