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WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker

Posted by: user1477933950

Game Forum: WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker

Category: Suggestions

Replies: 14

Views: 16827

Ok is it just me that it's getting less on promo codes and when u do get them they are barely nothing !!! Not to mention how the players spend there real hard money to play your app which is suppo...
House of Fun - Slots

Posted by: PamelaLee

Game Forum: House of Fun - Slots

Category: Game Discussions

Replies: 0

Views: 3370

Information to pass on, By Marc BabineauContact AuthorShould I Spend Money on House of Fun or Other Facebeook Games?Where your money goes when you pay to play Facebook-posted games like "House of...
Dice with Buddies

Posted by: vardump

Game: Dice with Buddies

Tags: Guides, Tips & Tricks

Comments: 3

Before you can be a Dice Master you got to learn how to play well in Dice with Buddies with these important guides & tips....
Diggy's Adventure

Posted by: MiaME

Game: Diggy's Adventure

Tags: Videos, Walkthrough

Comments: 0

Diggy's Adventure Easter Event 2016 complete solutions & walkthrough from the prehistoric caves up to spring harbor quest with all 5 easter 2016 challenges....
Diggy's Adventure

Posted by: MiaME

Game: Diggy's Adventure

Tags: Guides, Walkthrough, Videos

Comments: 1

Diggy's Adventure Robin Hood solutions and walkthrough. Complete the story without getting stuck check all quest solutions before starting. Eight main story and 5 robin hood challenges walkthrough....
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Posted by: JessieME

Game: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Tags: Cheats & Hacks, Tips & Tricks

Comments: 0

Witcher 3 Cheats the god mode collection. More bonus cheats like enable debug console commands teleport infinite stats and kill. All in one full pack cheat table....

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