Heart of Vegas REAL Casino Slots Heart of Vegas 1M Free Coins for New or InActive Players

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heart of vegas 1,000,000 free coins

Heart of Vegas giveaways 1,000,000 Free Coins for players who did not play for 30 - 60 days it is sent via Email. 

The Link below will give you 1M Free Coins if you are a New or In-Active Player you can collect it in advance.


>> Collect 1,000,000 Free Coins <<


Remember, this is only for NEW Players or In-Active Players and you can only collect this bonus once.

It will not work if you have already collected it before.  

Heart of Vegas is kind enough to give this to players hoping that they will be back and play the game again.

~Good Luck and have a nice Winning Spins!

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Need coins, i love this game

Coins please!!!

Thank you for the 3 MILLION coins. witch I am happy wich. There is only one thing WHY do you advertise that you get 10 million per new MEMBER, and gave me 3. Just a question. But is that not false adverttisement. Regards Louise Kalkhoven

Ok, Then why cant you give me the prommised 10 million coins that was promised to me for bringing on a new member. My son Richard Kalkhoven installed it last Saturday, I was standing next to him so it is no lie. All I get back from you we are looking into it but no 10 million coins as prommised. Now this morning YOU adverttised it again Bring on a new member and we give you 10 million coins. All I get from you is we are looking into it. But no coins. And that is that last I will here from you. This ios not the first time. I also put on a nem member a few weeks ago That was Mr. Des Holly, from Lismore Australia. Same thing, New member but no coins. Not very happy. Louise Kalkhoven

2 million coins please 

Please help me, not one bonus will work!?!!?

I neec coins

Please send me 2 million

Need coins please. I need 1 million

thanks soooo much!#! ♡♡♡♡Heart of Vegas. Send $2 million.

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