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Need Help More Coins Pleeze

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Heart of VEGAS.....ROCKS!!!!! Need tips on how to access more coins!.. Would really appreciate a mentor. I need any kind of tips or tricks anyone can offer.

  • Posted by MarieKinard
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heart of vegas whoop whoop

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  • Posted by PaulWhited
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Lighting camels

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Some times press stop to get better win.but if the charge meter is high just leave it.plus the more you bet the better the pay.the better chance of getting

  • Posted by KelliArmstrong
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Heart of vegas casino slots

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I need alot more coins everyday,all the time,bonus is not enough,money goes to fast,but love the games! I hope u guys find a way to give alot more coins when u

  • Posted by LuckySingh
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Good day, I'm new here and would appreciate help

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thank you and I hope we all have a good time.I must ask you a friend request, and I would be happy about that, why I have found here. Perhaps there is here the

  • Posted by KathrinSepp
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