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The only reason i download hearts of vegas is for the Buffalo Slot machine, and when i run out of money i uninstall the app. I'll reinstall again in few weeks. But the payouts on that slot do not match real life payouts. Now maybe I'm wrong , maybe its different in different states. But here in South Dakota when i play the payouts aren't the same. Here some examples.1. You only need two buffalo to win that hand. 1 on reel one and the second on reel two. That win right there is equal to your bet. So on this game a 25k bet that gets two winning buffalo symbols, should be rewarded with 25k coins. Or unless its one buffalo and one wild you actually win just a lil bit more.2. All wild life, eagles, mountain lion, coyote, and elk. They only require 2 symbols just like the buffaloes to be a win. On a real machine here a 40 cent bet and lets say two eagles you get think its either 10 or 20 cents back. So whatever that translates into as far as 25k bet. 3. My biggest one is. I have better luck playing for real money on a real Aristocrat gaming machine than i do on this app. Just collected a over million in free coins. And not much for buffalo wins and no bonus. Even though atleast 10 times the coins struck on reels 1 and 2 but never got that 3rd coin anywhere else. Even on the real deal for money games the bonuses somedays can be very scarce. But 10 times and first two reels get coins but never a 3rd. It just never happens that way. Ive won and lost good amounts of real cash on the real slot but never had coins behave that way. For as much as the game charges for a spin on this app. They should loosen the slot up just a tad. Not too much but some. And they should make all payouts match the real slots payouts.Side note. I use game hunters web page for free coins on house of fun also. So why is it. I can go back for months on HOF app and collect the free coin presents but on this games page. You can only get like 20 bonuses then the rest are forever expired. I wasn't on two days ago cause i just re downloaded the game less than an hour ago. Yet the bonus coins that say two days ago say i already collected hahaha nope i didn't. Its like the app is being stingy as an app and it seems like it has control over this particular page. To limit how much free gets out. Come on guys i never will but alot of people spend real money for fake money and yet the fake money is bogarted by the app like a little bitch. Didnt realize fake money was more important or valuable than real money
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You don't get a0mtjer coims
Need coins please someone help

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