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I am planning to sell my HofVegas account that has over 125 billion coins. I opened a facebook account just to play that game, and build that many coins in a few weeks. The fb account is used just for playing the game. How much should ask for that account? Any suggestions?

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50 dollars
I need help with coins please thank you

I agree 50.00 sounds good

Have you maybe thought of giving it to someone as a Christmas gift? Not to sound petty however, I've played this game for a little over 2 years now as I've become immobile due to an automotive accident, and it keeps me sane. Sadly I'm still only level 30 because I can no longer buy coins:/ anyway.... Just a thought you could just gift it to someone who would cherish the game, ya know kind of a "pay it forward" type idea! ;) good luck and happy Xmas-olidays! !!

 To Jessica:                  I admire your direct shooting. I have non-operable cancer and don't have a lot of time left. I couldn't imagine asking for such a brave request as to get free coins from some one as a gift. Hope you get out and about soon. Good Luck.Maybe you should do fund raisers. You would be very good at it. I wish I had your strength.

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First of all, Congratulations on your good luck! Idk what you should charge your fellow-HOV players, but I am curious as to HOW you accumulated $125 BILLION in a ‘few weeks’ ! Could you give a short synopsis of how you obtained that many coins (and in such little time!) ? Additionally, while I’m ‘thinking it through’, I have no idea how this sale would take place. What are the logistics for the process? And, what if something goes wrong and the exchange doesn’t work? I’d be interested in your offer if I could get some answers that are looming in my head about now. Thanks

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