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So, they sent me an e-mail a couple months ago and I only just saw it throughout my spam folders. Unfortunately it's an expired link, and although it seems like a huge amount compared to what they usually give us it definitely was not a fake email either..


If anyone else received it, can anyone confirm if there is a way to obtain that bonus link by any chance because I obviously wasn't able to claim it..

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I had the same email but says expired

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I went to the link where it said fill out the survey and win 10,000,000 so filled out the survey. Got to the very last part and I had to pay 49cents on my credit card, and then would get thje 10,000,000. Funny thing is, it kept telling me my credit card was an invalid card. Well thats pretty random, as I have been using that very card for a long time now, and.. to buy coins on HOV, so was a big scam. Then just tonight, I went through on another link, told finish the entry for a phone for $1 and same deal...well surprise surprise, it wouldn't let me enter my address for the details part, last step before getting 10,000,000. So I went back to start and choose the option to join some slots casino, and it said as soon as you join and are fully registered, the 10,000,000 wil automatically show up on your game balamce...well guess what 4 hours later, and no a cent. So they go onb about all these scams going on, well this 10,000,000 one is a complete joke. I have followed the instructions to a t, at least 4 times now, and yet not once has they delivered what they said they would and there was always , apart from tonight joining the casino, a road block to impeede finishing the process.  Pretty rudeway to treat the players putting our money into your game HOV some times it might not be much, but if you are promoting a special give away deal...live up to your word and stand by what you are saying. Don't treat us like a bunch of muppets, as there are so many people having the same experience. 

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