Heart of Vegas REAL Casino Slots Guaranteed to receive $10 Million coins each time

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Before I let everyone know, there is a TL;DR (TOO LAZY DIDNT READ) section at the bottom that briefly explains what you need to do, this whole process is quite tedious AND THE PROCESS TO RECEIVE THE COINS ONLY WORKS ON YOUR DESKTOP NOT YOUR MOBILE DEVICE, you will be able to play with the $10 Million coins on your mobile once you've received it, but you'll understand why when I explain what to do, but I can absolutely 100% guarantee you that this is no scam, or catch.

Now, the $10 Million that you can receive is coming from the referral or Invite Friends component of the game down the bottom of the game page. Sometimes it will only show $1 Million, other times it will offer $10 Million.
When you invite a friend to join or download Heart of Vegas and they actually download the game and start playing, you are rewarded with $10 Million coins and it's literally as simple as that.

Though, the hard thing with that is, you run the risk of not only annoying the shit out of your friends trying to get them to sign up, but you don't have any control over what they can do which makes it that much more difficult - and this can be over a prolonged period of time.
So instead of asking your friends for the $10 Million coin referral, how about you ask yourself and receive them instantly?!

Step 1:
Create a new e-mail account & open a different browser (IE: if you're using Safari for instance, you will want to be logged in on two different Facebook accounts, so use Firefox or Google Chrome if you have to)
There are so many email client options, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Hushmail, Yandex, Tutanota, GMX etc; are all solid options as some of them don't require you to insert your mobile number, and even then they accept numerous accounts.

Step 2:
Create a new Facebook account with your new email.

Step 3:
Once you have registered a new Facebook account, become friends with your original profile.
Once added, and using your original Facebook account, go to your Heart of Vegas game and click 'Invite Friends' at the bottom and invite your new Facebook profile from the list. (Note: You may have to restart Heart of Vegas if you're already in the game as it does not have a live friends list update - so refresh the game after you have invited yourself)

Step 4:
The moment you invited your new Facebook profile, your new profile would have received a notification inviting you to play the game, you must click on that invitation link which will then act as the direct referral from yourself. The moment you click that link it will take you into the game, and ask you if you want to receive notifications from Heart of Vegas etc, to which the moment you click 'Ok' Heart of Vegas will reward your original Facebook profile the $10 Million coins for HoV.

And thats literally it.
I realise I could have literally written one sentence which was something like 'Make a new facebook profile and add yourself and thats it, but I realise there are a lot of people here that dont speak English as a first language and may not understand.

But let me know how you go. 


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Didn't get mine
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thank you game 

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Thanks 10 million for the free coins !!! AWESOME & GREATLY APPRECIATED



Good, very good!!!

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