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How to keep spinning ! Just download Puffin browser from Google play after it installs open it and click on the browser setting options menue and click request desktop site (this is important  for ensuring the puffin app will make your android acts as if its a pc ), once you do that your able to go to the facebook heart of vegas page gaming area , You will also want to download an app called  Parallel Space and it actually   does allow a mobile device to have 2 accounts at same time one being original account and on the cloned app you can start as guest, then if you go broke ...sign in on your secondary facebook profile you created (you know the one you made with major assistance from puffin bower) and when you go broke on it ...uninstall the parallel space app and deleat the file parallel space makes ..reinstall parallel app (maybe make a backup for parallel space app so you dont have to waste data going to playstore to redownload everytime , you can do this process endlessly and never have to stop playing theoretically ! Hope this helps ya on your quest for major fake gambling riches that they act as if its got value yet one cannot redeam for real money and yet they are counting on receiving your real money in exchange to play and hopefully win with their non valuable coins.......

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Heart of vegas casino collector.


To much! I dont have time to do all that. Thank you and im sure to others its awesome. GL spinning

What about for iPhone? We Can’t download google play. 

Coins please

coins please


I News free coins, i cant get the free bonus 

Free coins


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