Heart of Vegas REAL Casino Slots How I Build my Chips Up

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                  How I Build My Chips up

     BMy guess ( works for me ) off of facebook. When I have a small amount of coins, under 100,000,I will play the dolphins and that will usually get the ball rolling.

     2 or 3 hundred and I will move up to 4 and 5 thousand.5 hundred Grand, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 thousand. On facebook I start with Big Ben.

     Then the rest is a lot of patience and a little exploring the games. Back to the games....

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Need coin's
Thanks for your advice
Yes I agree

Free coins me

Absolute crap!  It use to give bonuses without logging into facebook,  I guess those without facebook are disadvantaged..... Waste of time and effort 

Need coins please send me yours
At least we're not spinning are real money
so much desperate people begging for fake coins what would you do for real money get a life people wake up and go outside you might actually think for once

Please Can I have some free coins please

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