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Heart of Vegas 1M Free Coins for New or InActive Players

Tips & Tricks

Heart of Vegas Free Coins for New and In-Active players. The free coin gift is given away to players who does not login or play within 30 - 60 days.

  • Posted by vardump
  • 268,980
  • 734

Hearts of Vegas REAL Casino

Tips & Tricks

Can win a lot but keep putting it all back. Can you  please give more coins. It seems to help the urges. But keep putting it all back is the same as the clubs

  • Posted by RussSlock
  • 1,041
  • 16

Heart of Vegas first 5 clicks get...

Tips & Tricks

Can someone explain to me how and where one clicks when the choices are "first 5 clicks receive x amt. Of coins? .... I've been playing for ages and

  • Posted by AmySolie
  • 2,780
  • 65

Guaranteed to receive $10 Million coins each time

Cheats & Hacks

Before I let everyone know, there is a TL;DR (TOO LAZY DIDNT READ) section at the bottom that briefly explains what you need to do, this whole process is quite

  • Posted by PeterMantello
  • 8,954
  • 90

Need free coins

Tips & Tricks

nees heaps of free coins pleasenees heaps of free coins pleasenees heaps of free coins pleasenees heaps of free coins pleasenees heaps of free coins pleasenees

  • Posted by JustinGardner
  • 3,461
  • 172

heart of vegas give me big bonus

Cheats & Hacks

this is a fun enjoyable game one of my faviriot slot games to play wish they gve you more free coins but geuss thats part of the challange hatchetpainter out

  • Posted by PaulWhited
  • 3,810
  • 134

Help on getting coins free

Cheats & Hacks

Hi i have been researching how to get free coins but with no luck is there a way to get a large amount of coins easily and free if  some one please be able to

  • Posted by NathanHockey
  • 2,250
  • 60

Need Help More Coins Pleeze

Cheats & Hacks

Heart of VEGAS.....ROCKS!!!!! Need tips on how to access more coins!.. Would really appreciate a mentor. I need any kind of tips or tricks anyone can offer.

  • Posted by MarieKinard
  • 2,334
  • 61

Lighting camels

Cheats & Hacks

Some times press stop to get better win.but if the charge meter is high just leave it.plus the more you bet the better the pay.the better chance of getting

  • Posted by KelliArmstrong
  • 5,600
  • 36

Heart of vegas casino slots

Cheats & Hacks

I need alot more coins everyday,all the time,bonus is not enough,money goes to fast,but love the games! I hope u guys find a way to give alot more coins when u

  • Posted by LuckySingh
  • 38,615
  • 521

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