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I am so addicted to HOF slots! I play everyday for a several hours! Several hours a day may sound crazy maybe but I'm recently having to stay at home and can't work for a while, and having HOF to play has been my life saver to enjoy my time at home alone during the day! But I end up playing when I can't sleep as well, any time I have free to play I do!

i have played jusjust about every other top slots game there is and none of them have been close to house of fun! Hope they keep up what they are doing and that's a great job putting out new fun addicting slots games! Thanks house of fun you are the best!

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I love this app!!!!


I love this game.when i need relax, i get my phone play my gummi king and it gets me through the day.
Thanks for the coins
They are fun aND entertaining games, good for hours of enjoyment!
I'm loving HOF, hands down the best online slot

I love this game!  I play it for hours!

More coins please