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I am able to go to the Gamehunters Club to obtain free coins and spins as long as I haven't exceeded the allowed amount from available daily free coins and spins. I always am careful to not be too greedy as then when I go to get my free extras offered on our Facebook notifications, it will exclude you and the daily allotments they post for our own enjoyment.

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Thank you for helping with coins ;spins.



I've noticed he recently when you're really get into spending your the wheel yearly or you know taking a turn trying to see if you can win something that when you do a lot of times if you keep spinning real fast it's not adding up your points I watched 30,000 points earlier or coins that I was supposedly one not get added onto my winnings and then I started watching the closer and the more I was kept hitting the spin button and stop spending stop trying you know that to get it to where it's working for me I wasn't getting all my mypoints my coins there's something wrong and it's happening on the games with a lot of rapid-fire that is very disappointing cuz I like to just keep going that I read them in a certain pace so you know I can get get my spins down the way I like and then what you do I'll see you notice is not keeping track of your points or keeping track of coins I know just tonight I went through four hundred thousand coins tonight easily and I know that a good 80000 90000 coins I should have one didn't get added onto my my winnings and I know I get to go on Fast and sometimes maybe I'm not giving enough time to calculate but it's a freaking computer machine it should be able to add subtract faster than I can when I can sit there and watch it not being added and then wash my next spin being taken off there's something wrong
Need free coins
Hard to wim

Thank you for allowing me to use these free coins I live on a small disability check every month

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