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Trick I discovered for daily coin haul! 

Just a FYI you can collect multiple gifts every 24 hours. Go back through your gifts from previous days and usually you can collect again! Not all links works every day but i am gold status level 512 and I collect at least $1,000,000 every 24 hours going back through the facebook messenger gifts! But you can only collect every 24 hours! I go back at least 3 days and try every link from then. I can collect from the daily pick, and try all three options plus the daily quiz link from previous days! Not sure what made me try it but sure enough every 24 hours from the last time I collected I will go back and collect gifts from previous days as well! ❤️ you must close the app after every single link you click on and open wether you were able to collect a gift or not, that’s a tip also. Always completely close the app before trying the next link. It’s a little time consuming but totally worth it!

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I don't understand the messenger free coins? Can somebody explain how to do it please? I need coins please?? Thank you!
What happened to that gift??? Haven't seen the 150k in over a month now and the free spins are all but nothing anymore.
I recovered that trick a month after the messenger thing started... I can usually collect every 12 to 14 hours and some times more if I take the time to scroll back a month or more. The most I've claimed at once was 18 awards and spins. Good Luck

Thanks I'm going to try it I hope it works thanks for tip

Coins please and thank you


Can i get coins please!
I delete the message and go to the facebook page click send a message and it will pop up a new message

I delete the message and go to the facebook page click send a message and it will pop up a new message  

Thank you ! It absolutely worked for me too...glad since the free spins are usually expired before i've used them...except for the messenger free spins!!!

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