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Someone was posting a 200K Collect for a good 2 weeks every 3 days why did you stop doing that????

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I am wondering this myself! Only 6 days left to get all those legends to level 5! Hah

You know the weirdest thing happened last week I had a surprise inbox within the game titled the legends have become legendery and got 7 diamond chests ranking all my people to level 5 and then some.

Wow, seriously? Thats awesome! Did you get the 30,000,000 free coins?
Mine was at 75mil. But with all the ranks 5s it ended up being 86mil. Lost it all with 100k spins lol
Luckiest/Unluckiest sucks bad. Good luck.

I would like to know the same thing. They want us to spend all of our money to buy coins but they are stingy when it comes to giving free coins. I love this game but at the level I am on, things are not fair. The payouts suck. I hardly ever win. On my bonus spins every three hours, I hardly get anything, which makes it hard to play. Not to mention that I only get free coins from my HOF rep like once or twice a week. I am so frustrated with this game. 

Ya tengo 6 dias k no resibo mis bonos de 200
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I really need it

Whether or not game hunters is affiliated or not, House of Fun is stingy and their bonuses have gone to hell and they have taken the fun out of playing on their casino and so has Hit It Rich.

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