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Someone was posting a 200K Collect for a good 2 weeks every 3 days why did you stop doing that????

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I got the same thing with the diamond chests. And burned through the prize... But I thought it would at least give"more and better chests" betting half a million
Oh I know I had the diamond chest meter all the way up and still only got gold and silver chests
I need coins really bad. Every time I try to get free coins it's not a new link. Please post some free coins somebody
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Yeah that guy or who ever it was is awesome. I got one two days ago worth 400k. I wonder how they get that..



Agreed!! 200K collect for me is 1 million coins since im platinum rank 

They gotta be like black Diamond rank or something

Just a question, as soon as you got to rank 5, did you have to fill the bar up again, while on rank 5? Or did you get the prize as soon as you hit rank 5?


Please free coins

Once you get to rank 5 you get the prize just like getting to rank 1-4 

Thanks for the bonus 

Yup , ,, thanks for sharing your coins

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