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Someone was posting a 200K Collect for a good 2 weeks every 3 days why did you stop doing that????

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Thank you
Thank you

i would like to let eveyone know that im a player that plays almost 24 hours a day ive been playiung for like 2 weaks with out having to spend my hard earned money well yesterday i spent 5.994 and got like 160.000 coins i played the same way i always play well in about 20 minutes it was gone well this morning i bought the same deal and again 20 minutes it was gone well i text hof and told them oh and for the last couple weak i get free coins from friends and free spine i can collect the coins ok but the free spines like free spines that was sent like 10 minutes ago i click oin it and its expired this happens to all free spins so hof gave me 36,000 coins i bought more then that and lost it in 20 minutes thay say the wins are random so how can i play for 2 weaks and buy coins that only last 20 minutes then buy more coins ang again 20 minutes later its gone i dont think thay were fair the way thay handled it and my free spines still say expoired so becareful spending your hard eaened money 

What 200k please

Thanks for that.

I know....I've been playing this game for 3 years

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