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I've been trying to use the auto collect and it hasn't been working for a long time. It used to work great,  but since you guys added the other time options I haven't been able to use it.  Am I doing something wrong? Thanks. 

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  • HanJager
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I have deleted House Of Fun.

Then I reinstalled it and activated House Of Fun with my Facebook account. 

I kept all my coins, friends and status points. 

And best of all, AUTOCOLLECT works great.

Hopefully this will help you.


Harry for president 

Can you buy cards at store
I did do that

You can buy an iTunes card or a google play card at any walmart, grocery store, dollar general, etc. they are very easy to find. 


Well done.
Thanks house offun

Just not enough coins I played every day but getting ready to delete the game

  • Crisha
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Yea me to i have been all over house of fun free coins.coin links come up but i try to get the coins they not i cant keep enough coins to i guess i will take it off.
Hola papi

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