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I tried to claim the $300,000 bonus coins on your link today but it is saying that bonus is not for me!!! Why would you put bonus links there if we cannot claim them? Just a bit upset......
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same here its not working for both me and my son and know they changed it to 30,000 and when i click it says i already got it should just give us that 300,000 it said there mistake not ours.

I ended up looking thru the html, and it was supposed to be a gold gift as the one before.  We alll just got excited, lets not be the customers who fuss because the computer clitches... Oh and I would be mad, I just spent hrs looking, but thats MY time.  amyway, have a geat one.  Win!

so we dont get it?

I'm wondering what link and where is it at. Or can you post it. I will see if working.  Thank


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