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So this is Jennifer Niles- I created a second Facebook account for my HOF slots game. I didn't want to spam my and my friends' news feed/timeline with game requests and achievements, so I just created a second account. Anyway, so when I did that, and I logged into here, it didn't use my name like it did on my other account- it just gave me a random username, so my name on here is what you see... user1471190071. Is there any way to change that, and get a photo with it, too? I am connected to Facebook and everything, so I'm not sure why it's not reading my FB info like on my other account.

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Go to Account Settings then use gravatar to change your profile picture and change your username. 

Cool, thanks :) I'd never used Gravatar before. Seems it picked up on my picture but not my username. Oh well. Not a big deal, just didn't want to be known on here as some random collection of letters and numbers, lol. Thank you for your help :)

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? What does that mean?

Dont knowmy username

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