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So this is Jennifer Niles- I created a second Facebook account for my HOF slots game. I didn't want to spam my and my friends' news feed/timeline with game requests and achievements, so I just created a second account. Anyway, so when I did that, and I logged into here, it didn't use my name like it did on my other account- it just gave me a random username, so my name on here is what you see... user1471190071. Is there any way to change that, and get a photo with it, too? I am connected to Facebook and everything, so I'm not sure why it's not reading my FB info like on my other account.

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Go to Account Settings then use gravatar to change your profile picture and change your username. 

Cool, thanks :) I'd never used Gravatar before. Seems it picked up on my picture but not my username. Oh well. Not a big deal, just didn't want to be known on here as some random collection of letters and numbers, lol. Thank you for your help :)

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? What does that mean?

Dont knowmy username
Find out what those numbers mean you know 1471190071 write them down when ever things don't seem right write it down so if you have to go back to it you'll have it. Me I delete most of my problems and don't call anybody for help because they might be a scammer also.I hope this helped good luck and always write it down.

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