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Hey does anyone know if there is a place to post the coupon codes we receive I tested it and the same code can be used by multiple users. If anyone knows of a place to post some and to get some that would be awesome and if not if anyone wants to post some here that would be awesome here are some of the ones I have used recently.










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Question? How do I apply these codes. Im new to all this.
Thank you
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I tried to use one of these and am not sure how.  Customer Support said you have to have the coupon in your inbox when I let them know I had the code but coupon was deleted..he told me I had to wait for a new one.

i know where to insert the coupon code but im wondering what these codes are for exactly? discount on the price or extra coins with purchase?

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From what I've seen, it's more coins at the price listed.

its that percent more coins for the price 

Do you have any new codes for 300%? None of these work for me now....they're expired.


Would be great if anyone else had any lol also i get alot of them becaue i have like 3 other accounts and i check it everyday but never play on it cause level too low but never buy any coins with these accounts either cause they will send you coupon to try and get you to start buying so i get like 2 a week per account because i never buy with it.


50%- FE8EA83B


150%- 9D524099


300%- 7DC9778C



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Thank you for sharing your codes!  Would you mind explaining how to use them/where and when to input them in the buying process?  I usually don't purchase coins but I did make a few 99 cent purchases recently and I was unable to input the code during the purchasing process using the H.oF. android app for mobile.

     I will try and include any codes I receive here when I find them in my inbox.  :)

Wow, thanks! Please feel free to post more codes!!

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