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Is there a way to bypass the daily bonus limit ?
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The only way I see it is once you have reached the limit wait about 15 minutes or so and then you can start collecting bonuses again.  

No and HOUSE OF NO FUN has turned it into a joke because now when you hit the expired ones they count whether you got spins or not


I have played for a long time i think 2006 was when i started.And have  spent quit A bit Just to get way to little chips for the buck.

Now being at lvl 447 and the coast of mini 5,000 to 10,000 A Spin WELL YOPU DO THE MATH With the new limit and half of the bonus's are no good but they still count when it is all said and done i GET 5 spins. Sorry HOF Its time we parts ways the more i spend the less i get. This suck's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As far as I know there is NOT a way to bypass that, too-many-limit. You will just have to wait for the next day. Which really sucks! I don't think there should be a limit on how many gifts you can collect. It's a gift for crying out loud!
Is there a way to bypass the daily bonus limit ?

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