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Hi, I use GameHunters for all my other games and use Puffin and have no issues at all. When trying to collect for House of Fun when I click the link it opens up a new tab, but is completely blank. I have tryed using a different browser, clear all memory, closed and opened everything. Does anyone have any suggestions? Today is the first day I have tried. 


Feel free to add me and i play other Playtaki games as well. 



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Are u logged in threw fb.if not try that
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Thanks, I am logged in w FB. I have tried waiting a couple hrs and still nothing

Sometimes I have to clear my history to get it to start working again. 


Make sure all windows associated with game hunters are closed in your browser first.


Pls coin

Dm me. I have a pretty awesome trick to get you coins and free spins with higher bets


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Whats your trick

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