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I for some reason cant collect the free spins ever since they switched to the newer games when u click free spin mine all come up expired anyone know how to fix this?
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Do not use chrome use puffin bowser or play only on facebook no App
I want free coins
Well I've tried uninstalling app, uninstalled chrome, tried puffin, tried from laptop, phone and tablet and still all the free spins come expired?!?!?! :( any other ideas would be great.
You have to get them when the number says less than 100,and only get it from here, not from anywhere else like email or fb, you can only do either or, not both
More spins please
why i cannot collect free spin like before.i had ry so many time.i play hof nearly 10 years and still in silver level
Why can I not collect free spins ?
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Same here don't no what's going on but I went to a page for free spins and icons threw another link first time I col elected three times then bam vs t get it to collect tyres to get me buy something and down load stuff so I give up


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