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I used to be able to collect free spins from gamehunters but it won't let me collect them anymore, can anyone tell me why?
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you can try maybe clearing your cache or cookies, I had to do this before actually, cuz for some reason I can't collect bonus from my email or FB, so HoF told me you click the little 3 dots in upper right corner on chrome, (cuz that's what Im using, might be dif for Firefox, ect.) and go down to "history", then click clear cache & cookies, they said it should work after that. It didn't. It might work for you tho, wouldn't hurt to try. But, I can collect from game hunters just fine,  (as long as it's less than 100 clicks) . I REALLY wish someone would give us instructions on how to post free games/coins, so we would all be able to do it. I just don't understand how it's done, and no one seems to be able to explain it better. 

I went and deleted my cache and browsing history but made no difference. All it did was free up space on my phone so thanks for that.
I've noticed that whenever I'm claiming anything, I first have to close Hof to let it reopen for each item I'm collecting. It works every time now. Good luck to you and hopefully this helps.
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Well let's see now, i dont know how you go about getting your coins daily but if you somehow get coins from Facebook then you wont be able to collect anymore coins from Gamehunters. I hope I was able to help...
It wont let you just minimize the HOF window and then collect from the other window? I probably wont get your reply bc everytime I've tried to read a comment it just takes me straight to that persons fb profile and tells me basically that I'm blocked.

I definately can relate to your no free spins anymore;OK now try this;

The free spins that are being posted to game hunter must be fresh ,so to speek,definately less than one hour.And not only

that,but when you see posts less than an hour then start to collect about 2 or 3 previous posts that are older than an hour

then continue to collect the new fresh posts less than an hour (10 minutes ,eg.).


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