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My husband & I enjoy playing on & off line many times daily and rely on free coins & spins to help as long as we limit our 24 hour routine we usually have.
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Yes,i completely understand too,which is why,when i do bet large...i have to,frugally,which is very difficult..bur relying on 3 hour bonuses for 2 spins is insane! So,i search for the free bonus pages,they arent really reliable,i dont get too many valid tics from them..they do come in handy..i try to keep 18 "eye of the tiger"(bonus on standby.)..its my investment...betting as much as i can after a win...i found,for me,the biggest payout..although,also a gamble,is on 5 spins...tedious,yes,but,5 of 5 spins(25),gets me off to a pretty good start...i have a few questions i cant seem to find anybody interested in giving me the /or any answer.for that matter...1. on Beauty of the to trigger bonus?i know its the throne,on first row,then,idk...ive had the throne 1st column,3 down,and 2nd one,last column,2down,and won bonus,so i know they dont have to be in same line...,just the very specific rules,please,i play it alot,my prob is i dont know which icon im waiting/hoping for....for the win...

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