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I am over gold status but i do not get anything in my email  from HOF that says Gold users only. I only get the regular HOF promotions. 

How does one get the Gold bonuses sent to them from HOF?


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Very good question. I wondered why they don't give more. It cost to play to get to higher levels. House of fun could we gold members fill like VIP. I have spent a lot to get coins and I won't get one bonus. It gets to me sometimes but I love hof. Please fix

i would like to know also how do you get the bonuse

I give rim jobs for 2 bonuses or 5 free spins 

When you see it say good users only, it means gold or above, if you're above gold, your amount is higher....... so say it says 6000 gold users only, it gives me 10,000


I totally agree with you Sally we don't seem to get anything special for being Gold or above i'm almost to Platinum and I play a lot on HOF but I don't feel like I get anything back especially when I do spend my own money to get more coins because what they give is just a joke not even enough for one spin since they have now made it so my minimum spin costs me 5,000 I can't do anything lower but all they give is 1500 in free coins doesn't make sense to me they are very cheap when it comes to free gifts ... I don't get anything different or special in my emails either I wasn't aware that some do??? is that right??? good luck everyone happy spinning win big bigger biggest 


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I am 100 percent with you since I became Gold Status HOF has been Nothing short of a Joke Not only that they have Tighten there games even more but they made it that hitting a jackpot my screen shuts down and a pop up screen appeared and said unfortunately HOF slots has stopped Never received my Winnings i reported it but HOF denied it Alot of people are being Scammed It's so unfortunate because HOF slots are enjoyable Good luck with your games
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Your gifts coins free spins and so on are in the same link as your start up your Bronze Silver now that you made Gold Status you still collect in the same link Iam guessing the Hof Game Hunter link so don't worry everything is the same link But beware now being Gold Status you will see your games become much tighter less wins HOF loves taking our money only the secluded few get the wins a bit fishy wouldnt you say But be prepared and good luck!
Gold user only bonus
I agree and when we collect the spin the wheel the second amount of coins what happens to that when do we get it if we get and if we don't get Get the coins why don't we get them I'm a gold player itso cost me a lot to get there as it has all players but tbh I don't feel like it we get same bonus as other players... and it every 3 hours we get the bonus I think gold players shold get there's faster like every 2 hours and ones higher like platinum every hour if higher every 30 mins it's unfair we are not treated any different to the lower status players yes we get extra things but so do they and I've stopped commenting as never won on any or never won raffle tickets even when brought coins never won there's a few things I've entered or brought coins and spin and win challenge done it loads of times once at least 10 spent thousands and got nothing yet players who only done it once have got it it's like you reward the players who never buy coins with best things and regular players get nothing and tbh don't think we are feeling loved or appreciated by u I've nearly left and uninstalled the game a few times but I just can't do it as I love the game and hope one day u change and love us as we do the game players if u agree with me comment agree with fiona powell we may just get heard then by hof and get to feel the love

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