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I am over gold status but i do not get anything in my email  from HOF that says Gold users only. I only get the regular HOF promotions. 

How does one get the Gold bonuses sent to them from HOF?


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Agree with all comments I've read xx

I have brought it to their attention and its always made out to be my fault, faulty internet connection, clean my cache, When I brought it to their attention that my computere is maintain professionally weekly they stopped using that excuss and now simply send me automated resonses or send me a political response that say absotely nothing.

Id like to know also how to get the bonus
I d like to know I click on it and I can't collect the gold status says not sent to me bullshit
I need coins

Very true, my min bet will not allow me to play without paying alot extra also  $5000 is my min bet.

. There are so many games out there but i do love house of fun for some stupid reason, but your right too much pressure to buy constantly. We need to move on and try not to get scammed ( to keep spending just to stay in the game and challanges )they have to make money but enough is enough i feel like  I have spent so much now I have a t a rget on my back that says .  ( Oh, she will pay because she's in deep and loves the games)


      The next one we find we will  also enjoy especially if they are not greedy  and are underlying manipulative.

Good luck to you!


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