House of Fun - Slots Here We Go Again! Problems Mentioned STILL Not Fixed, New Problem.

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In addition to the bonus collection limits on House of No Fun, there is another problem. I am unable to collect bonuses that include free spins. Before, I was able to collect bonus spins that were posted within 1 hour. Then it went down to collecting those same bonuses within 30 minutes. Now I can't collect them at all! What's the deal, Let's get it together and finally FIX these ongoing problems. Thank you.
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I am having the same problem as well.

I noticed same issue, however i also noticed over time that it seems the free spins are kind of first come - first serve basis. Meaning... if the free spins shared by others - has under 105 clicked.. it usually works... any free spins that have been clicked over 100-105 times, it wont collect - just says that its expired or whatever. Seems only so many users can claim the free spins.

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