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Does anyone else ever have trouble collecting free coin or free spins. 80% of the time I can never use free spins, always comes up expired, no matter if posted 30 seconds or 12 hrs. I occasionally have this happen with free coins I know I haven't collected. And no I did not receive the bonus from fan page, FB, or any other coin sites. I only use game hunter. So idk it's frustrating knowing you should be getting tons of coins and they all come up expired. I also notice the free coin section doesn't update correctly. The first 4 visible boxes listed within 30 min I'll collect and once I sign in all the new disappears and the newest box says 20 hrs or days? Yes I've reset etc etc etc. It's the links or the site. Anyone else?
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When you are login all the bonus that you have clicked will be moved in your Click History and the default list will only show the links that you have not clicked yet. This will help you from clicking the same links over and over again because you can claim them once.

Maybe they put a click limit who can claim the free spins? Free Spins links came from Facebook User Timeline, same type of links you post when you get a big win or hit 5 of a kind, etc... If a player has too many Facebook Friends they are the ones who can get them first before it is shared here.

I have been having the exact same problem and lately it's gotten even worse...this is so frustrating making me want to give up on this site and that's a shame because they have the best slots on the Internet.
Yes I always have that problem too. Or I buy coins and don't win anything and I buy more and still nothing.