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No, not in the game itself... I know how to send coins to Facebook friends from within the game. I mean here on

I asked this question before, but got no responses, so I will keep asking because I know this is what people want. You all want coins and I want to help, I want to give them to you. But I need help in learning how to do that.

I have downloaded the Chrome extension. I know how to use it. But all it seems to share on here are bonus spins. Never any coins. But other people are sharing coins... so how do I get the extension to share coins with everybody instead of just the bonus spins? Or is it all just a crock, and you can't really share coins- the coins are only added by bots and the game developers at a limited pace to keep people from obtaining too many free coins?

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Loves to play this game keep it up

I know. A lot of people love to play- that's why I want to figure out how to help and give everybody what they want. This site claims that by downloaing the extension you can give coins... but you really can't. And I'm asking for help, but nobody either wants to help, or knows how. Do people really not want the free coins?

It must not really be possible, now that I think about it. If it was, everybody would be doing it, and the "marketplace" would be flooded with free coins, and the game developers would have no way of making money off of in-game specials/deals/offers. Why buy them, even for cheap, when you can just come to plaes like here and get for free?

I want to help, but maybe I should just give it up.

pleas free fun coinsпросвещенный

Free coins please
I would personally love to have .more free coins please
This is the only he that I play
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You know what number user I think you're right you hit the nail on the head on top of that everyone that replied to you didn't even really answer you right they were all very vague except for the last ones that just said free coins please nothing even about what your talking about which kind of tells me that they are robots? the only thing that I can say about this is that a few months back I came acrossed that type of question somebody was asking how they could give or transfer coins to one of their accounts and vice versa matter fact a few questions like that if they were answered I'm thinking that it could be done in that way maybe across Facebook itself don't know I never really did look into it because both of my accounts were doing so well I just got lazy about it but you stirred my mind again and I'll look into it whatever I find a Post or maybe I'll even try and friend you on Facebook and go from there anyways nice to hear somebody is actually trying to do something Thanx is that a lavender flower?

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