House of Fun - Slots How To Get Paid When It Says You Have Won

I won over $726.21 on house of fun slots. Does anyone know how I am to get paid by the website? Does anyone know what the website is for house of fun slots?
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I think I want to money 2 on House of Fun I believe I did but I need one of the workers to get ahold of me just to show me how to collect it
How did you win "real money" on a game that uses virtual coins???
If that's the case, I've won millions playing "house of fun" slots!!!

When you find out, let me know because apparently I am a multi-millionaire, hell maybe even BILLIONAIRE!!  (Insert sarcasm)

     You won COINS on HOF.  Kind of like the game coins at Chuck E. Cheese's...

You guys are joking right? You think you won real money? You live in Wyoming or Idaho ?? 

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