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Does anyone know why I can not collect any coins? The game just keeps telling me they are expired its making me so angry!!!
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Any updates as this is also happening to me 

This is also happening  to  me  

I finally have been able to collect but only within the last 20 minutes and I can not collect anything passed last 5 hrs. N my bonus start at 2hrs.

why are all the coins expired

Same with me
Also to me.why expire
Me too no collect
Has been doin same to me also. Frustrating

Could someone please explain to me why can I not collect ? It says that my daily collect bonus expired...thank you so much!!

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Hi, maybe I can shed some light on this subject.

 Ok, you cannot click on the same bonus twice. To keep track of your clicks (collections) log in to Gamehunters.  If you are not logged in it will display the most recent bonuses available along with the ones you have already collected/clicked. It's possible why you keep getting these messages and cannot collect you coins. 

 Hope this helps. Read my post if you're having problems with spin bonuses.

I will be creating a new post, this weekend, on how to collect your 3 hour coin bonus multiplied by 3, maybe even 4, and spin the wheel that many times as well. 

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