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I am getting the expired message every time I click on a link including the links sent from HOF to my email. Is anyone else having this problem? I play on my iPhone using the app, not through Facebook. This started yesterday for me. Any ideas on how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

Question 2. I have seen instructions on how to post and share your links when using Facebook. Is there a way to do it without using Facebook, with the app on an iPhone 7? 

ALSO..I only have 2 friends that play and would love to add more. Please add me (Lynnea Sandeen) in Facebook and include HOF or slots in a message so we can send coins

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It's a limit that HOF has added to keep plauers crom getting too many free coins. Like you it just started happening to me lately even though HOF claims that this limit has always been in place I know for a fact that is a crock of you know what. At 7:00 or 8:00 est they reset your "daily limit" and you can start collecting again. They told what the "daily limits" are but I know that is crap too because I can't collect any where near those numbers. They will not supply players any acutal numbers either. If I bought coins on HOF I would demand a daily accounting on all my purchases, wins and losses that's one thing for sure. HOF is so stingy it's ridiculous and I only play with funny $. I can't imagine how they are with players that actually buy coins. If I did I would certainly not buy them on HOF they are way to stingy on wins and the house definitely the perferred winner no matter what.

Same thing has happens to me, I've  been silly enough to buy coins....several times... waste of money!! I actually have to wait till 5 pm Pacific Coast, before my coin limits reset..

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