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how can we sell these evolved accounts, as some of us want money to play for money. do i give you a code or the entire fb account, if you buy it from me? never paid money for credits! much effort. sick of it, after all.
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How do we get free coins and spins
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I can't chat with you via facebook. Do you still want to sell your account?

I'll donate the account to anyone who donates 5000 pnds, to treat myself. Today!
Level 298. That's as far as I go, 10000 pounds. Summer came!
Level 398+ 633 million. 12500 pounds!

level 1000 motherfuck! 375000 $.

level 1251 plus 7 point 7 billion. same sum!

Level 1335 + 5 billion. 125000. Last offer.
Level 1400 plus four billion coins. 198.500 $
1500 plus one billion. Plz i need the money

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