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ok....screw house of fun now...since when do you reach a maximum daily limit when i still have bonus coins...and have yet to even claim free spins....????

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  • Cynds
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Ditto!!!! Pathetic!



HOF what is wrong???





Why is there a limit anyway! Reached my limit today as well!

Collect your free spins first then coins u get more.

I have learned that it resets at 7pm Central time may be diff time in other zones and i wait a while to collect the free coins and do free spins first only because you get more coins doing it that way.. i use puffin on my ipad and have to log out and log back in when it starts saying things are expired.. hope that helps ya'll oh one more thing not sure if everyone does the same but i have the app on my ipad and i also go through puffin so im able to collect my bounus twice along with the SPIN IT TO WIN IT!!

  • KariShaw
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What is the Max daily limit? It's hard to believe that I'm hitting it and I don't ever seem to have any coin! This is so like HOF to find a way to shut down the coin shares. Geez it's just funny $ it's not like they will ever be cashed in. Losen up oon the players who just play for fun - no $ is involved cut us some slack.

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