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Why am I unable to get all of my free coins???
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Are you referring to the page coins or from this site (gamehunters)....I just went through to collect the free coins and I not only didn't get any (even though each page that loaded it said they had been credited to my account), when I reload the page, I now have less than I started with!

The coins from free spins that I won was taken from me too. Some of these links are expired. I was talking about game hunter.
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When you login and collect bonuses it records your clicks. To check your previous bonus clicked go to your click history "Show: Latest Links" then select "Check My Click History".

It helps you from clicking the same bonus again and again by hiding it to your list and moving it to your click history.

I want coins
I would like to get gold status coins please
Love me
I am having the same issue. Even the items I know I haven't clicked still open in HOF as expired. I am talking about items as fresh as 21 minutes. Everyone I clicked on gave the same expired messege.
Very helpful.

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