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curious about the lack of free spins and coins,i was wondering if this club changed? i used to get higher amount and more frequent coins, and the same for spins, and if you do post spins, theyre in the middle of the night here, when i wake up theyre expired. i used to depend on you for some intertainment instead of spending more money, thanks for youe time. have a good day!



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  • Vwilder
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Same here spins always expired 

Me too! I’m also having trouble getting the free coins sometimes, I will click on the link and if it brings the page up, its blank. I did try the messenger hack though, so that’s a few more coins to play with.


  • Becki
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I read a trick on collection of free spins a couple of years ago that was very accurate. Only about the first 120 or so actual clicks are granted the free spins. Now that Gamehunter has the auto collect option, I think the number of gifts are often more due to computer generated "clicks" but those of us who are not using auto collect through Gamehunter will NEVER again get free spins, at least that has been my experience. Not nice!

Not collect only works once.

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