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some of the time you give good amount of coins to play with for a while, but most of the time they are expired, a few minutes ago i click on the free 250,000 coins and all it gave me was 5,000  ;-(  that was a bum deal, my minimum bet is 3,000 on games, so i have to try to collect the ones that are not expired to play for a few minutes, but thanks for the coins i do recieved, still wondering why i didnt get the 250,000, have a good day!


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Mine is been doing that better lately also and I got the same thing this morning. I don't have a clue what's going on. I hit the 250 thousand and only got 5 thousand. What is going on with this site cause this been happening quite a bit here lately. And I started playing because I've had numerous surgeries. And I really like this game. But I'm tired of getting my coins but not receiving the amount.
Yup same here !
Yep! Same thing happened to me, only received 5000 instead of 250,000, same with 3000++, should come up 9000 only recieved 3000, this has happened several times! What's the problem? Why dosen't someone cear out ALL expired bonuses and start over fresh!!!
Oh! And the free spins bonuses? Need to raise the amount of times they can be clicked from around 100 or so to at least 300+, they're clicked out before most get a chance to use them, stop being so stingy!!! C'mon!

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