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After spinning the bonus wheel and landing on 130,000.00$ i hit collect and was gone.i never got it after spending 2 hrs.i mean wasting 2 hrs with page.with a rep that in clear and patronizing single word replies.i was a liar and offered no resolution .anyway after wasted.frustrated and offended.2 hrs.of my time.i requested a supervisor.mamy many many times.i was not only ignored but rep continued childish statements i was left to hang in limbo and never answered or transferred.h.o.f. does not have support staff.only people getting paid to belittle.accuse.and refuse to do anything except make people like me daily player level member think theres better apps to play.that will...b happy to have u... And me .remember it will happen to u so save the headaches and try other slot apps theres so many
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I know! I can't even get my points! It tells me that my time has expired and it has not!!! This game is the pitts! 

They did the same thing to me! There is a glitch in the Diamond Forest game. If you spin before it adds the coins you won, they disappear. They are a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.

LMAO. I thought i was crazy. It did that to me too. Live and learn.
Same here

Similiar situation here.  Made to feel like a lier!


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