House of Fun - Slots Sharing Bonus Links/Plugin Not Working?

I am new to this site just today and have collected over 150,000 coins... thank you so much to those who have shared :)

I would like to be able to give back, but the instructions for posting a link are really not that clear, and, I have a few questions.

There's a button that says "post link" where I can enter a title and a url, but I don't know how to get the url to the bonus I want to share, and how many coins I want to share. My question is.. how do I get or find this url? And the number of coins I want to share- for example 500- is that deducted from my game account each time a person clicks the link? Or, conversely, do I get rewarded with each click on my link?

I watched the video for the sharelinks app/extension for Chrome and that just confuses me even more because it looks like it just spams FB with annoying game requests. There's still nowhere that I can copy a url from, or choose how many coins to give away or anything like that.

Any help is appreciated, thanks :)

Update: So I installed the Chrome extension, it is active, and I am logged into both and the HOF game on Facebook. The extension itself is also on and active (the icon is moving), and I have another Facebook tab open and I have been scrolling my newsfeed and timeline but no links are showing up to share. Can somebody please help me? I really do not understand how to do this.

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You can give back by sharing your free spins bonus. The sharelinks plugin works passively and you don't have to do anything when it is installed. When you go to your Facebook Timeline it will submit all HOF links. It will not submit duplicate links that's why when you refresh the page it no longer counts the submitted links sometimes when you scroll down the page silently reload that's why it revert back to zero. 

But the links are actually submitted. You can check your submitted links by going to the ShareLinks page   then click "Show: My Shared Links" it's the button that let you sort the links.

Please note that all links are deleted eventually to give space to new posts.

Thank you Mia, for responding. I guess there's something that I am missing or just not understanding. When I go to my Timeline, there are no HOF links. Nobody I know plays these games, I am the only one who does, and I don't allow the game to post to Facebook. Maybe that's why it's not working? I guess I just hate bombarding all my friends' news feeds with game requests and achievements. I should probably look into creating a second/dummy Facebook account just for something like this. I know it would mean starting a new HOF Slots game, but whatever. Now that I've found this site, it won't be too dfficult or time consuming to level back up again :)

That being said, how can I share my free spins? Is it by the same process?

The autosharing option is not working for me,so you are not alone

You are not alone - I am having the same issue in Texas WSOP - It used to work becuase I used to check the shared links - now when I click on the link in the little box...nothing happens. When I "POST" something it USED to allow others to get bonus cards thereby increasing my bonus...not any longer. Nothing seems to work. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, checked pop-uos, cookies, etc. Don't seem to see the issue.

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