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Hi all. For some reason I can't collect HOF coins here on GHC. I was able to collect yesterday. But today I can't. Any one have a idea why I can't collect?

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I can't collect either I thought it was just me

  • Vicki
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It must be down I can't get my coins either why don't know if someone finds out please post to let us know thankd

I'm unable to collect too. Maybe more complaining will get more attention. Back to thumb twittling 

Same here

Im having the same problem havent found a fix yet, contacted HOF and they say they arent associated with gamehunters club and it must be gamehunters web page or something

Ok I'm not alone. I haven't been able to collect either, so it's something wrong with this site.  It just directs me to another blank page and then nothing. I don't get directed to the game like I normally do.

It's says on their page " can't connect to database. Error 202". Seems it's a problem with their site

  • MiaME
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There is a link option in the page change it to "Use Facebook Links" instead of mobile links.

The same .in my acount ?
  • RonBrant
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I Am having same problem

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