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These days on HOF the only patrol is about trolls. House of fun has unique games and has developed into a nice app with an extended chat room family. There are people who have developed genuine friendships extending outside cyber land.  Sadly though, cyber land is suffering from a troll infestation  players arm themselves with supersoakers with troll be gone and were the ones drowning in smut. While some things are part of FOS there are degrees and limits. There are those with multi names and accounts that hammer the chat non stop, just hitting enter to tie up the room. There are the Trump stumpers...Then exists the  raunchry racist  and sex shock jocks....lastly the  darksiders who enjoy wishing death to nice older people. Did I say lastly? OOOOPPPPPSSS! Two days ago we were able to stop a wonderful woman from being played for money. Shes new and had to deal with all this. We all know "mute and report" by heart but when your constantly delating or explaining to new people how to there is seldom room to chat. OOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPSSS , I have one last thing...many of us have revieved phony FB security messages with links . OK so I'm really done and the purpose of this whole message is SOS ....send help before your APP drowns...Fellow Spinners speak up more...FACEBOOK do your chores!!!!

                                                             Marjorie L. Nardini





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The best way is to contact Facebook and inform them about this abuse inside the chat room please read more here


you can help Facebook to Improve the Chat Feature if you send this feature you want.

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