House of Fun - Slots Thos Game Does Not Give You Winnings

Not enough coins, it just takes it without pay backs. -WHT

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The same thing happen to me. I'm supposed to level up but didn't work, it just stop at 100%. I continue playing and all my wins did not credit to me after I reload the game.

The next day I receive my wins in my Inbox:

house of fun coins inbox


Try to contact the support team of House of Fun. Sometimes if there is a tech problem, the next day you will receive the coins in your inbox just like what happen to me. 

Good Luck laugh

I have played a few games and post's and I never got my coins. On some I getten yellow message that something went wrong. 

Can you guys check and see if what is still owed to me pending or stuck Somewhere.  After can I get the coins owed sent back.

also want to ask. I have an I-phone and wondering if I need some setting on to better my expirience on House Of Fun

thanks you Sergio

Not enough coins and when u get a 3 hr. Bonus it's gone in 3 seconds. You can do better because it's free or so that is what is on Facebook games.

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