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I can't figure out how to do this links help please
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If you click on the link where it says collect then it'll take you to your thing and let you collect it if the if you come is it already just click on the little things that are underneath the little tabs and it does it automatically if you just click on it and wait

Ok, so first, you want to have your HOF open in a different window, then, come here, Go to the bonus page, click a link, it will open a new window, and that will take you to your will award you the amount on the link you clicked, and voila!! then just repeat as necessary until you can't anymore.....there is also a daily limit on free spins.....just f.y.i

What's the daily limit 

Very helpful
Hi it's so much fun to play but so quick to loose
Hi it's so much fun to play but so quick to loose
I am very slow learndr
I just recently found GHC but cant figure all of it out. I can collect on some and not others. I dont know how to open in one window and then switch to another. If anyone has the patience and time to help me, I would appreciate it very, very much.Thanks for taking the time to read my post! HELEN NIXON

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