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I have tried clicking window before and after spin becomes available. I can't tell what it does or when to use it? Spin coming in an hour and would like a good spin! Any help?

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There is really nothing you can do to improve your spin chances; after you collect 4 coin bonuses you get a chance to spin the wheel; the only thing you can do that I know of is click "spin" for the wheel to turn........what it lands on is random

Good spin

nothing no spins

Friend you are at the will of the HOF coin gods for spins. You do have other options to gain coins...Friend page gifts, all of which you should learn about here. As for amount win in wheel...expect less and hope for more ...rinse and repeat...happy spins really fun games, good quality and content. A really nice chat too

im not  getting and the sign bouns the 50,000 and thing

Nice game

Yes just pick the destination and it will do all the spinning


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U also



Did you try chrats

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