House of Fun - Slots What's The Point Part 2: How Long Before SOMETHING Gets Done?

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How long is this nonsense going to continue until something gets done about securing these bonus collectors on various games, especially HOF? HOF is where I have the biggest problem. I don't know who the SOB is that's selectively going through these bonus collectors, but KNOCK YOUR SHIT OFF!!! Otherwise, I will bring this directly to the attention of the webmaster at and do everything possible to have you permanently BANNED from this specific website. If there is one thing I hate more than a casino website that engages in one form of cheapskatery or another, it's a person that decides to get greedy by immediately taking the large bonuses like $10000, $7500, and $5000, and leaving the smaller value bonuses behind, which may or may not be there by the time I get around to collecting them. Either do something about this problem, or I will make sure SOMETHING gets done in a way you may not like. I'm really sick and tired of wasting my time collecting bonuses that no longer exist. It's time to look at creating self-deleting bonus collector boxes that keeps the list of bonuses fresh and doesn't allow for any time to be wasted on already collected bonuses or expired bonuses. Thank you.
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I'm with u 110% I'm having the same issues. A big waste of time. How hard could it be to have the expired bonuses disappear when they are no longer any good. Is there even anyone monitoring the site for crap like this. I love playing HOF and have even spent some hard earned money on it but this is making me want to delete the game and forget about it all together. Very stressful. Hope something is done before I am.

Hey dude, buck up.  We are all in the same boat.  Not all of us get the big collections and free spins.  HOF apparently has put a click limit on the free spins and believe me, I've clicked on some that are only 10 minutes old and they are already expired.  It's gotten to where I don't click on anything more than 30 minutes old because its a waste of time.  You just got to be faster, I guess.

Actually the free spin ones don't seem to go by time. They are almost always good til they have about 100 clicks. It took me maybe 2 days in the site to figure it out so why are all of you whining about something that gives you free bonuses? O and if you reload it does at least erase the ones you have already done

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