House of Fun - Slots Whats Your Level And 3hr Collect??

So im Level 496 My 3hr collect is only 29k min bet is 5k. Seeing what everyone elses may be??

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[email protected] 15.4k sucks..and doesnt look like it gets much better min bet is 2500. I think thats a rip off to keep increasing min. Bet. Coin pack price is increasing too. I really dread leveling up now lol
570 37000

At level 532, my 3 hour collect is 31,500 with a minimum bet of 7,500. 


Piz and thanks 

at least 535my 3hr coiieto is 17500bet is 5k


I'm level 728 my 3 HR bonus is $54 and minimum bet is 15k. So, I get about 3 spins every 3 hours.

Level 808 63,400 every 3 hours

Im level 78 and every 3 hour login is 890

Platinum Level spend too much but playing Slotomania increases my status way faster than HOF, same company

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