House of Fun - Slots Game is not working

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Am I the only one having problems logging into the game. It will not work on my computer or phone as of 4pm 11/22/2017. Is the game site being repaired? Please let me know if you are able to enter the game.

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it's 6am thought I'd try hof free coins posted 1minute told expired. yesterday every thing was scrambled hasn't given coins since how can you get a response
Guess what HOF is not working AGAIN No Free Spins and No Free Coins for hours Every thing is expired also scrambled
No spoke with representatives they said that they would send me an email still have not received itSpoke another game player she said that this is just another ploy to build up your hopes of getting the problem solved
What is the purpose of having the problem with the computer fixed if every thing you try to collect you are told that the gifts have expired especially the large ones that would at least make up for the ones from yesterday another hog rip off
HOF has not worked since update it freezes up doesn't give free spins and tells u a free coins posted second ago have expired. They said the computer is to blame for the problem if they can post 1or2 they can post and honor them all its very up setting

Since 5/ 5 I havent been able to get into the house of fun,It only loads about three quaters of the way then stops, I sure hope someone can soulve the problem, 

cannot get into house of fun  could you please this problem. thanks

house of fun is not opening for me sense 6am Saturday 


Does anyone know why its not working has anyone had a responds to your question 

I haven't been able to log into House of Fun on my Mac since this morning 5/5/2018

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