House of Fun - Slots Game is not working

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Am I the only one having problems logging into the game. It will not work on my computer or phone as of 4pm 11/22/2017. Is the game site being repaired? Please let me know if you are able to enter the game.

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Have lost my everything in HOF. Every 3 hours I get 16.000 coins. I had more than 1,000.000 coins. Im rewarded for gold. I have uninstalled/installed nothing. Could you please fix it so I can go on enjoying the games.

House of Fun not working for me as per everyone elses problem.(Refresh etc.)

HOF stoppped working on my laptop at home but works on my phone and laptop at work. I have uninstalled and re-installed and it still doesn't work. Anyone have any suggestions? HOF doesn't respond. Even though it's a rip off game that doesn't let you win, it's fun to see, when you are bored if you can turn 80k in to 8 million. 

I can't get the house of fun to connect all My other apps work just fine they open with no problem it's not working on your end please help

my house of fun game is not working can u please fix it, been a few weeks now


I've been getting the embedded page error msg for over a week.  Have no way to log into game to contact support.  Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Cant log onto HOF game. It buffers for a minute then a box pops out and says An embedded page at FB-1B house of says something went wrong pls.refresh the page and try again, and i do but the box comes back and no game. Please advise.



for some unknown reason House of Fun is not loading on my PC. It works fine on my phone.... please help!!


Porque no puedo recibir las monedas de 40000

i have over 79,000 coins paid for already, but unable to connect to any games, whats the deal have i lost my 12.95 or is this a scam. would like refund on my card or play what i paid for.

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